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Scale Computing

Scale Computing is one of the leading virtualization innovators, having created the HC3 solution in 2008, a forerunner of hyperconverged computing (HCI) solutions worldwide. Created by Scale Computing, the HC3 platform eliminates the need for traditional IT silos comprising virtualization software, disaster recovery software, servers and shared storage, replacing them with a fully integrated, highly available platform to run any application.

Using patented HyperCore ™ technology, HC3’s self-healing platform automatically identifies, mitigates and resolves infrastructure issues in real time, enabling applications to achieve maximum performance and reliability, even when local IT resources and personnel are severely limited.

By combining servers, storage and virtualization into a single solution, the result is an exceptionally efficient, secure and cost-effective HCI platform with exceptional flexibility and manageability.

The company boasts numerous awards expressing high praise from more than a thousand satisfied customers, as well as many industry analyst firms:

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