MindManager® has for years been the market leader in advanced tools for Business Mapping, a graphical record of the multidimensional structure of a project, which can thus be effectively planned and executed. Corel (formerly Mindjet) has been providing its solution since 1993, to more than 1.5 million customers worldwide, allowing to create a complete work environment with the ability to plan activities, manage time and project, and reduce the risk of failure of planned activities.

The MindManager application can be used on Microsoft® Windows® and Mac® as desktop applications, as well as via web access, on mobile devices (iPad®, iPhone®, Android®) and using a SharePoint® server. MindManager is a powerful tool that makes everyday office work much easier. MindManager is successfully used in brainstorming, meetings, project management, concept planning as well as presentation of all kinds of structured information. It can be used as a multi-user tool for joint management of work, tasks and projects.

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