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Storware Storware is an innovative company developing specialized backup and recovery software for enterprises. With Polish roots, main offices and R&D department located in Poland, Storware has been operating globally from the beginning and now has a sizable network of Partners and customer deployments around the world. Thanks to the large number of integrations, the […]

Scale Computing

Scale Computing Scale Computing is one of the leading virtualization innovators, having created the HC3 solution in 2008, a forerunner of hyperconverged computing (HCI) solutions worldwide. Created by Scale Computing, the HC3 platform eliminates the need for traditional IT silos comprising virtualization software, disaster recovery software, servers and shared storage, replacing them with a fully […]


DataCore DataCore Software delivers the industry’s most flexible, intelligent, and powerful software-defined storage solutions for block, file and object storage, helping more than 10,000 customers worldwide modernize how they store, protect, and access data. The company’s comprehensive product suite, intellectual property portfolio, and its unrivaled experience in storage virtualization and advanced data services, position DataCore […]


StorMagic StorMagic is making the complex simple for edge computing environments, and we’re leading the industry in bringing the edge to the core – datacenter and cloud. Their storage and security products are simple, lightweight and cost-effective without sacrificing enterprise-class features for organizations with one to thousands of sites. SvSAN is a highly available two-node […]


Zerto A world of uninterrupted technology is a world where organizations across all industries can thrive without downtime or disruptions for their customers. From 24/7 continuous patient care in hospitals, to interruption-free airline travel, to keeping ecommerce systems running without a hitch, the path to this always-available world starts with IT resilience. Zerto helps their […]