Flexera is a leading provider of strategic solutions in the field of Application Usage Management. Thanks to their solutions, they redefine how software is bought, sold, managed and secured. Thanks to Flexer, the software industry is an uninterrupted supply chain. Flexera makes the process of buying and selling software more transparent, secure and effective. The origins of the company date back to 1987 when InstallShield was created, which in time became the global leader among solutions for creating software installation versions.

The company’s portfolio was successively supplemented with further innovative products that today enjoy high trust of customers. Flexera has been in business for over 30 years, employs 1,000 people worldwide and helps customers generate millions of ROI each year.

Flexera offers a comprehensive package of solutions including:

  • fast preparation of MSI packages and testing of application compatibility eg in the context of application virtualization or migration to a new operating system, e.g. Windows 10 (AdminStudio)
  • improving access to the application via a self-service portal (AppPortal)
  • tools enabling organizations to control and manage open source software (OSS) and third party components (FlexNet Code Aware, Flexnet Code Insight)
  • creating software installation versions on all platforms and for all platforms (InstallAnywhere)
  • creating software installation versions in a Windows environment (InstallShield)
  • solutions that ensure security in large IT environments, enabling constant tracking, identifying and fixing software vulnerabilities (Software Vulnerability Manager)

50 000+


30 million+
servers and devices managed

Flexera products in Connect Distribution:

Account manager:

Michał Szubert
Business Development Manager – Cybersecurity Solutions  Ethical Hacker

e-mail: m.szubert@connectdistribution.pl

tel.: 22 400 1234

tel. kom.: 784 479 635