CoreView is the originator and developer of a consolidated platform for managing the entire Microsoft 365 environment from a single console. CoreView provides a unified approach to configuration management, delegated administration and automated M365 management with capabilities far beyond those natively provided by Microsoft. Organizations of all sizes are choosing CoreView to better control their operations, optimize tasks, improve management strategies and enhance the capabilities of their workforce. CoreView simplifies and accelerates administrative tasks by using a single consolidated interface and automating routine tasks leading to significant time savings and increased security and compliance.

CoreView simply allows you to achieve more from the Microsoft 365 platform!

The CoreView platform is currently used by more than 30,000 administrators managing more than 25 million M365 licenses. The company offers its solutions exclusively through a global network of resellers, solution integrators and managed service providers (MSSPs).

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MONITORING & MANAGEMENT - M365 Management & Automation

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