ImmuniWeb SA is a Swiss company based in Geneva. The company was founded by Illia Kolochenko, a Swiss security expert and former soldier in the Swiss Secret Service. Illia Kolochenko conceived and built the concept of the ImmuniWeb Platform, which combines the power of human intelligence with machine learning. The platform uses award-winning AI technology to intelligently automate and speed up labor-intensive tasks and processes, saving as much as 90% of human time compared to traditional human services. This does not mean the complete elimination of the human factor during testing. Nevertheless, it is used for the most complex tasks, where it is indispensable to use human intelligence and the capabilities of the human mind.

The ImmuniWeb® AI platform provides award-winning security testing. The solution helps users maintain the privacy and compliance of web and mobile applications and APIs. It also supports phishing detection, asset discovery and risk assessments. All to make it easier for organizations to meet emerging regulatory compliance requirements in a simple, efficient and cost-effective manner.

ImmuniWeb’s solutions ensure compliance with the requirements of: RODO (GDPR), PCI DSS, PA DSS, ISO 27001, UK MCSS, NYSDFS 23 NYCRR 500, CCPA, HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley, NIST, and even Singapore MAS TRM.

The ImmuniWeb® AI platform provides VISIBILITY, SECURITY

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