Denodo is a leader in data virtualization. The solution provides access to data, enabling delivery and management of the broadest range of data, covering enterprise and cloud data, big data, and unstructured sources without having to move it from its original repositories. Denodo customers emphasize that the solution has given them much greater business flexibility with a quick return on investment.

Denodo has changed the way organizations do business by unifying their data assets in real time and providing instant access and full security to all users and applications.With Denodo, organizations can focus on their true business goals without having to find ways to access, integrate or share data. Business users can instantly and easily access the data they need without worrying about where it’s stored, how it’s formatted or how quickly it changes.

Denodo’s history began in 1999 at the University of A Coruña, when Professor Angel Viñana started a research project to develop an innovative method of data integration aimed at accommodating the rapid growth of data, its dispersion and differentiation. This laid the groundwork for the idea of data virtualization and the creation of Denodo itself, where many of Professor Viñana’s researchers and collaborators at the time still work today.

Today, Denodo is a recognized leader in data integration tools, as evidenced by Gartner’s 2021 Magic Quadrant and Forrester’s Enterprise Data Fabric Wave reports. Denodo’s data virtualization platform is used in many contexts of use like BI & Analytics, Big Data, Master Data Management, Data Governance or Cloud Solutions.

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