Oracle Corporation is one of the largest manufacturers of software dedicated to enterprise wide services, especially database management systems.

Oracle was founded in 1977 and is headquartered in Redwood Shores, California, USA. Initially, Oracle focused mainly on the development of its own relational database system, Oracle DataBase, but over time the huge commercial success of the database enabled the company to grow rapidly through, among other things, numerous mergers and acquisitions. Among the most spectacular were the 2005 acquisition of PeopleSoft, a producer of business management support systems, and the 2010 acquisition of one of the key system hardware and software manufacturers Sun Microsystems.

Oracle is currently a provider of end-to-end IT solutions for a wide range of businesses and organizations. It serves more than 275,000 customers worldwide, including 98 Fortune 100 companies.

Database servers, middle-tier software and business tools and applications, as well as consulting services, training and technical assistance are offered in 145 countries around the world. Oracle is the first company to create a complete set of business software supported by the Internet model.

Oracle’s current offerings include dozens of software and hardware solutions that together form a complete set of enterprise solutions.

The company’s flagship product is Oracle Database Standard Edition 2.

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