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Probely The founders of Probely are highly skilled application security engineers and network specialists who spun off from the AppSec team of one of the international telecommunications service providers. Having previously experienced the problems of scaling an application security team, Probely’s architects have built a solution that effectively supports security teams in their daily tasks […]


Cofense Cofense is a leading provider of phishing defense solutions for organizations worried about the most popular type of attack today – spear phishing. Cofense’s platform turns employees into a proactive line of defense by enabling them to identify, report and prevent spear phishing and drive-by attacks and malware exploits. Cofense’s open approach enables easy […]


Terafence Terafence Cyber Security is a company that specializes in protecting critical infrastructure and networks requiring the highest security by isolating them from the external environment. All solutions provided by Terafence are based on a proprietary solid-state FPGA data diode. Established in 2015, Terafence was founded by highly regarded professionals in Israel’s cybersecurity ecosystem with […]

Sonic Wall

SonicWALL SonicWall has been preventing cybercrimes for more than 28 years, defending small and medium-sized businesses as well as corporations and government institutions around the world. Backed by SonicWall Capture Labs, the company’s award-winning real-time security breach detection and prevention solution secures more than one million networks, emails, applications and data in more than 215 […]


ImmuniWeb ImmuniWeb SA is a Swiss company based in Geneva. The company was founded by Illia Kolochenko, a Swiss security expert and former soldier in the Swiss Secret Service. Illia Kolochenko conceived and built the concept of the ImmuniWeb Platform, which combines the power of human intelligence with machine learning. The platform uses award-winning AI […]


Blackberry BlackBerry is a renowned leader in the field of advanced security solutions, focusing on innovation and data protection in the digital age. The company not only offers unique tools to secure IT environments against a variety of threats, but also focuses on protecting the infrastructure of Operational Technology (OT) and the Internet of Things […]


ARCON ARCON was founded in London in 2006, while its headquarters and R&D center are located in Mumbai. The vendor’s enterprise-grade risk mitigation solutions have already been deployed by more than 900 global organizations, including: major banks, government organizations, telecom giants, oil and gas companies, utilities and pharmaceutical companies. The company is recognized as one […]


Fortra Fortra is a leader in Infrastructure Protection and Data Security software providing organizations with comprehensive, automated security solutions. The Fortra solution suites help you create a more secure and automated organization by giving you the tools and flexibility you need to keep business running smoothly in an ever-changing threat landscape with security at the […]


Barracuda More than 200,000 global customers trust Barracuda to safeguard their employees, data, and applications from a wide range of threats. Barracuda provides easy, comprehensive and affordable solutions for email protection, application and cloud security, network security and data protection. The company continually innovating to deliver tomorrow’s security technology, today. EMAIL PROTECTION Your email, secured. Protect users and data from […]


OPSWAT Enterprises today are beset by cyber attacks. Threat actors send attacks through any channel they can, and meanwhile, the cost of compromise is only going up. To solve the challenges faced by modern enterprises and to shut off major attack vectors, we offer two product platforms: MetaDefender for threat prevention and MetaAccess for cloud […]

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