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Web Help Desk

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SolarWinds® Web Help Desk® is easy to use and affordable, based on the Web sites, help desk software that simplifies the management of notifications and saves time and effort of technicians and IT administrators. The solution has built-in tools for incident management, their activation and changes, knowledge base that enables automation solutions simplest problems which will improve the quality of customer service. Help Desk Web integrates tools SolarWinds for network monitoring, server monitoring and applications with tools for remote support for faster resolution of IT problems.

5 reasons to use solutions SolarWinds Web Help Desk:
Simple and inexpensive solution type IT Help Desk for the entire IT team.SolarWinds Web Help Desk offers an intuitive web interface for centralized case management, and simplifies and automates tasks support technicians from the IT department

Central management, streamline and automate the process of case management.
Web Help Desk is an easy-to-use management software zgłoszniami that automates many of the tasks of support to simplify the creation of new applications, distribution, and escalation management.
  • Automatic conversion of e-mail notification of problems.
  • Flexible automation based on the rule of dynamic routing notification and escalation
  • Automated common and recurring service requests
  • Simplified incident and problem management
  • Mixing real-time, to have constant insight into the statistical report
SolarWinds Web Help Desk saves a lot of time and effort IT administrators and help desk department staff by automating many tasks and processes of incident management from the creation, processing and escalation. You can easily configure multiple layers and groups IT staff to define and support levels to improve the process of escalation.

Automatic detection of IT resources and management
Help desk and asset management software for IT SolarWinds provides built-in asset management, automatic hardware detection, and comprehensive asset lifecycle management and software assets.

Knowledge Base Help Desk
Download a built-in knowledge base for end-user self-support and a central repository of knowledge management for IT technicians Web Help Desk.

IT change management and approval process changes
Simplify change management and change management by controlling workflow approvers automatically.