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33   dotTrace offers several profiling modes to help you detect any performance bottlenecks in a variety of .NET applications. Use dotTrace Home screen to choose your profiling targets, access recent profiling sessions or configure profiling options.

Control and collect data

Manage your profiling session to get a snapshot with accurate real-time data on specific activities of your application.

Detect bottlenecks quickly

In Timeline profiling mode, record accurate temporal data on application threads, call stacks, memory allocation, garbage collection, and I/O operations. Analyze any aspect of your application using easy-to-understand data views and filters.

Optimize performance

Take advantage of multiple views to glean information from your profiling data and analyze it in different ways. Get an immediate estimate of how removing a certain bottleneck may affect overall performance without recalculating your snapshot.

Navigate to source code

As soon as the root cause of a performance issue is identified, dotTrace will help you locate the nasty piece of code in Visual Studio. Use a code preview pane even when no source code is available: dotTrace will just decomplile it for you!.

Compare results

An embedded snapshot comparer saves your time and effort spent on verifying application optimization results. Get awarded with performance gain!