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Software Vulnerability Manager


Today, it takes organizations too long to identify and fix software vulnerabilities. The result is an ever-growing number of unattended vulnerabilities which give cyber attackers a large window of opportunity to get their grip on systems and execute attacks. It’s critical to address this risk window in order to reduce the odds of attacks, and stay secure.

Processes are the backbone of any program to effectively mitigate risk. It is critical for the security of your business to build processes that connect policies with software vulnerability and patch management activities. Such processes ensure that critical vulnerabilities are addressed accordingly, that you maintain a clear picture of your environment and that you have full understanding of how vulnerabilities and patches are being managed. Flexera's solutions are founded on vulnerability intelligence and world-class technology so our customers are confident that they don’t just react to crisis when attacks happen. Instead, they gain control over the entire software vulnerability management lifecycle and stay secure.

How it's working?


Discover and track over 20,000 applications across Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. Flexera offers multiple options – agent or agentless – to collect inventory and determine patch status. Our proprietary scanning technology is non-intrusive and detects .EXE, .DLL and .OCX files regardless of their installation path.

Secunia Advisories:

Understand the criticality of the vulnerability with the ratings provided by Secunia Research. Secunia Advisories contain detailed information on the vulnerability, attack vector, impact and more. They provide the ground information to understand risk and determine actions.

Smart Groups:

Build processes and drive action using the Smart Groups function. There are many ways you can use this feature, e.g.: you can group systems that have similar policy for patching and are managed by the same team. In that way alerts go automatically to relevant teams and actions are taken faster. Smart Groups can be configured by devices, products or advisories.

Non-Microsoft Patching for Windows:

Complete your patch management programs with full coverage of non-Microsoft applications for assessment and pre-packaged patches for the most common Windows desktop applications. Our specialists disable prompts to accept EULA and creation of short cuts and deliver the packages in the Software Packaging System.

Software Packaging System:

Easily implement applicability rules; configure updates, uninstall and custom packages using this functionality. The packaging system simplifies configuration of patches. Patch Templates allow to save configurations to automate and streamline repeatable activities.

Integration with WSUS and SCCM:

Integrate with your Microsoft tools for inventory collection and patch deployment. Assess the patch status of all your Microsoft and non-Microsoft applications on Windows and drive patching of non-Microsoft apps through WSUS or SCCM.

Live Updates:

Get alerts based on latest assessment when extremely critical vulnerabilities arise in between scans. Act fast and avoid the risk of exploitation.


Get a clear understanding of the vulnerability status of your environment. Follow remediation activities, trends. Select the views that matter to you and that help you identifying issues and drilling down for more information.


Produce customized reports and keep your team and organization informed of the status of compliance with policies and regulations. Report on vulnerability risk and patching activities.