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HCI Virtual SAN

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DataCore™ SDS Solution - Automated installation package creates a hyperconverged virtual SAN from the data drives on the VMware ESXi or Microsoft Hyper-V servers where it is installed. Best when - Servers are already in place, or - New server hardware must be specially selected and customized to specific requirements

Why Pick DataCore HCI Solutions Over Other Products?



Adapts as technology and your
needs evolve - you are in control



2-node HA configurations
are especially well-suited
for space-constrained and
budget-constrained projects


Price / Performance

Highest performing I/O stack
among contenders enables fewer
nodes to support large-scale
workloads, further reducing costs

Key Use Cases

Seamless Remote Office / Branch Office Infrastructure

  • Quick, easy deployment and configuration for sites without dedicated IT
  • Common services and management across locations
  • Unified performance optimization, replication, failover & recovery
  • LS license included at no additional cost


Remote Copy to the Cloud

  • LS license included at no additional cost
  • AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, and local providers
  • Preinstalled in Azure


Cost-Effective VDII

  • Highly available, high-density VDI
  • On-server caching and snapshots to inexpensive local disks
  • Higher density, lower cost per desktop


Blazing Fast, Highly Available Edge Computing

  • Immediate access to latency-sensitive applications
  • Zero-downtime edge platform
  • Flexibility of deployment options