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HCI-Flex Aplliance

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Integrated Hardware/Software Package

DataCore™ HCI-Flex Appliance - three different hardware models covering small, medium and large capacities needs. All packages include the DataCore™ SDS EN Edition software.


Ideal for:

  • New HCI projects
  • Expansion (scale out) of existing DataCore™ HCI-Flex configurations

Where Simplicity and Flexibility Converge

The DataCore HCI-Flex appliance combines the flexibility of software-defined storage with the simplicity and rapid deployment of hyperconverged infrastructure. Available in a range of configuration models, HCI-Flex maximizes performance, ensures security with military-grade encryption, lowers CapEx and OpEx, and reduces infrastructure footprint.

Each appliance includes DataCore Insight Services and rich SDS data services and is backed by our award-winning global customer support.

  • Deploy within an hour with simple, intuitive implementation
  • Connect to and leverage external storage
  • Connect to external compute nodes
  • Scale up and out—up to 64 nodes
  • Scale compute and storage independently
  • Achieve high availability with only 2 nodes

Rapid Implementation & Deployment:

  • Lightweight installation manager
  • Thorough analysis of the environment automatically generates a recommended deployment plan
  • Elegantly simple, rapid deployment in under an hour
  • Fully-functional configuration when complete
  • Automatically deploy a new vCenter server or add to an existing one
  • Hyper-V integration
  • Full ESX Management integration

Supports a Wide Range of Use Cases

  • Remote office / branch office
  • Encrypted block storage
  • Data offload engine
  • Cloud-attached storage
  • Disconnected scenarios
  • Edge computing
  • External storage management
  • Fast residual storage
  • Virtual desktop infrastructure

Software-Defined Storage Data Services:

  • Parallel I/O
  • High Speed Caching
  • Random Write Accelerator
  • Automated Storage Tiering
  • Storage Load Balancing
  • QoS Controls
  • Storage Pooling
  • Deduplication/Compression
  • Data Migration
  • Thin Provisioning
  • Asynchronous Replication
  • Advanced Site Recovery
  • Continuous Data Protection
  • Synchronous Mirroring
  • Encryption
  • Snapshots/Backup