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Complete visibility

In-depth visibility of activity across all applications, users and devices. You’re always in control of your network’s security. And you always know what’s going on. Veronym's cloud service gives you complete visibility into all applications in use, as well as the content within and the users. Armed with Veronym’s choice of technologies and know-how, you can deploy a consistent security policy to protect your network from known and unknown attacks.


Powerful threat prevention

Practice Zero Trust thinking – allow only the content, users and applications you need to operate the business. Potential threats are automatically blocked. And Veronym's expert protection goes wherever you go. Most advanced analyses in the industry, cloud-based engine working against highly evasive zero-day exploits and malware. Veronym's service uses a unique multi-technique approach, combining dynamic and static analysis, innovative machine learning techniques, and a groundbreaking bare metal analysis environment to detect even the most evasive threats and prevent them from harming your business.


Advanced analysis

Threat intelligence based on multi-method and machine learning detection. Veronym constantly updated system blocks all known threats and investigates any unknown traffic. Veronym’s advanced analysis creates billions of samples and sessions, including billions of artifacts, which are immediately actionable for security analysis and response efforts. Threat analysis, forensics and incident response teams often rely on a broad range of scripts, open source tools, security devices and services to investigate potential incidents. It can dramatically cut the time required for investigation by enriching third-party services through many third party providers like MineMeld, AutoFocus™ or STIX™.


World class technology

Veronym's core network uses a broad set of industry's leading technologies, which are fully automated and integrated to completely hide any complexity inherent to multi vendor point solutions. This is zero complexity cyber security. Customers connect to a single, logical global security platform with a unified application-aware security policy. All assets placed in a cloud, on premise or mobile will be protected, regardless of the device the person is using.


GDPR compliance

Support for security and data protection efforts to meet GDPR compliance deadlines. A key component of protecting personal data is keeping it secure – both from exfiltration by cyber adversaries and from internal leakage. Thus, it is imperative that any organisations’ investments in compliance activities, information management processes and technologies are complemented by appropriate investments in cybersecurity. Veronym offers support in the area of security and data protection efforts related to GDPR compliance by: assisting in securing personal data, data breach prevention and data breach notification.



Choose the plan that works for you. You can pay for monthly for our subscription-based service, with no long-term commitment. If your company's security needs change, you can always and easily adjust your plan. Once you change it, you do not have to wait, as coverage is effective immediately. Add, modify or cancel at any time!



Protection expands and grows together with your business. It is as mobile as you and fully adaptable to your needs. When you add new devices, security solution scales automatically and seamlessly. Whether your organization is big or small, Veronym protect everything for you.


Instant delivery

Security coverage is always on, 24/7, following your work style – In the office, at home, on business trips. Once you choose Veronym, protection you can rely on begins in minutes, not in days or months. There are no additional logistics required, no need to invest in new hardware or wait for installation.


Cost efficiency

Veronym offer per-user subscription with pay-as-you-go model. With Veronym you can pay only for the protection you need, when you need it. New hardware is not required, so there is no CAPEX investment to add to the costs. And you can change your plan at any time.