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What is Veronym

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Imagine running your business securely, anytime, anywhere and using any Internet connection. Discover Veronym.

Veronym is here to protect your digital life through instant and powerful security for any Internet connection. You can safely conduct your business from any place, on any of your devices, with no specialized IT security knowledge or need for hardware maintenance. Free yourself from shipping, staging and updating. With just one click, an easy subscription enables our essential business cyber security features. You'll have full visibility of and control over your Internet traffic for all devices, users and applications. In-depth information about your security is always accessible through our intuitive dashboard, which provides you with detailed reports and recommendations.



In order to understand and effectively mitigate cyber threat risks, it is essential to gain intelligence on the adversary groups that may attempt to break your network. Veronym's dashboard provides a framework for capturing the key details and documenting them in a comprehensive, well-structured manner.



Application vulnerabilities allow attackers to exploit (often unpatched) applications and infect systems – and that is the first step in a breach. Dashboard presenting all the application vulnerabilities that attackers attempted to exploit within your organization, allows you to determine which applications represent the largest attack risk.


SaaS–based application services continue to redefine the network perimeter and most of these services are adopted directly by individual users, business teams, or even entire departments. In order to minimize data security risks, visibility and proper policy must be maintained for every cloud application.


Uncontrolled Web surfing exposes organizations to security and business risks, including exposure to potential threat propagation, data loss or compliance violations. Veronym's dashboard provides details such as most common URL categories visited by users on the network.


Applications enabling file transfer serve an important business function, but they can also allow for sensitive data to leave the network or cyber threats to be delivered. Gain the full visibility of all unauthorized file transfers in your organisation.


Understanding your risk exposure and preventing attacks require intelligence on the type and volume of threats used against your organization. Veronym's dashboard includes detailed information about application vulnerabilities, known and unknown malware, and command and control activity observed on your network.

Every report provide includes a dedicated summary of valuable intelligence concerning applications, URL traffic, types of content, and threats traversing the network. Reports also contain recommendations, which can be applied to reduce your organization’s overall risk exposure. They are also a key component of your company compliance with the GDPR requirements.