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Morae is a unique user experience testing software that observes and records live sessions from anywhere through a network. Monitor and log critical research moments in real-time with the Morae Observer, and capture and save all of the audio, video, and on-screen activity with the Morae Recorder. After a recording is complete, use the Morae Manager to effectively analyze the recording, generate graphs, calculate effectiveness, and then create videos to share with colleagues.


Test Efficiently

Morae ties what used to involve lots of devices and applications that didn’t talk to each other into one tidy package – eliminating hours of wasted effort. With Morae, all your data is captured digitally and indexed to one master timeline for instant retrieval and analysis.




Get Started Faster

Select a research method from Morae’s preset study templates – focus group, software usability test, or mobile device test – and Morae will set up the initial details for you. It even shows you a live preview of what will be recorded. From there, it's simple to add things like task definitions, discussion questions, surveys, and custom markers. 


Customizable for Your Needs

Make the most of Morae by writing your own Recorder, Observer, and Manager plug-ins. Morae’s pluggable architecture enables you and your development team to build features specific to your testing environment.