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SUSE® OpenStack Cloud

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The OpenStack Private Cloud for Your Enterprise- SUSE OpenStack Cloud 5, based on OpenStack Juno, includes enhanced software defined networking functionality, improved management, additional as-a-service capabilities and integration with SUSE Enterprise Storage powered by Ceph and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12.

13a Easily deploy a highly available, mixed hypervisor OpenStack cloud

Realize a faster return on your OpenStack investment with a streamlined installation process. Ensure the business has continuous access to cloud services. Maintain current virtualization investments without limiting your hypervisor options. With SUSE OpenStack Cloud, OpenStack serves your enterprise.

13b Deliver the agility required to meet business needs

By improving the speed and accuracy of service delivery, the line of business and IT staff can work closely together to capture market opportunities. The creation of a more dynamic and flexible infrastructure using SUSE OpenStack Cloud's automation, self-service, and workload standardization lets IT respond rapidly and more accurately to new requirements.

13c Ramp-up innovation and increase choice while receiving the support you need

SUSE has over 20 years of experience in turning open source innovation into enterprise grade solutions. Stay ahead of the rapid changes in your business while ensuring the stability and security of your infrastructure by deploying the only OpenStack private cloud solution backed by the excellence of SUSE engineering and support.

13d Scale your infrastructure and IT staff efficiently
Improve your server utilization by tracking usage of computing resources and automating service delivery. And using SUSE OpenStack Cloud also means your IT staff no longer has to provision and manage every workload, so you can scale the infrastructure without adding staff. Result: you limit your future capital and operational costs.
13e Easily build and manage cloud applications
SUSE Studio™ and SUSE Manager let you create and manage Linux workloads across private and public clouds.

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