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SUSE® Linux Enterprise Workstation Extension

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Save time and improve code quality. Turn SUSE Linux Enterprise Server into a fully-featured development or administrator workstation environment with the SUSE Linux Enterprise Workstation Extension.

4a Increase productivity
Save time by accessing the desktop applications that you need from your server. When troubleshooting your systems, have you ever wished you could create and modify files, view short how-to guides, or communicate in real time with your coworkers? Now you can. The SUSE Linux Enterprise Workstation Extension includes messaging, multimedia and office productivity tools which make collaboration and communication easier. And by eliminating switching between systems, you can work faster and more effectively.
1b Improve code quality

Have you ever wasted time trying to debug code, only to find that the mistake occurred while you were transferring information from one system to another? Don't do that again. With the Workstation Extension you can develop, test and deploy your applications from a single system. Eliminate errors that can occur when copying and configuring code and files from one machine to another, and improve your productivity.


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