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SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for System z

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SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for System z offers enterprise Linux for IBM mainframes. Leverage the resiliency of the mainframe, the power of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for System z and the hypervisor capabilities of z/VM to create a virtual environment that helps you lower total cost of ownership, simplify data center management, increase flexibility and operational efficiency, and reduce downtime.

1a Increase uptime, because downtime is not an option
IBM z Systems has been designed with availability in mind. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server provides extra dimensions of availability while supporting the famous RAS of IBM z Systems.
1b Accelerate innovation with the #1 Linux for the mainframe
Why do more businesses choose SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for System z than any other Linux for running workloads on IBM mainframes? Engineering excellence and long-term business expertise that accelerate innovation.
1c Improve operational efficiency with tools you won’t find anywhere else
Boost your efficiency by simplifying systems management and by ensuring high levels of security and adaptability with an unparalleled ecosystem and tools unique to SUSE.

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