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SUSE® Linux Enterprise Point of Service

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SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service combines the operating system base of SUSE Linux Enterprise with specific add-on tools to set up a Point of Service managed clients solution.

You can count on it! SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service 11 is the only enterprise-class Linux solution tailored specifically to the unique needs of the retail industry. New Features in Service Pack 3 span improved reliability, security and robustness, easier management, wireless operation of POS clients, and a tight cooperation with SUSE Manager.


Get a combination of SUSE Linux Enterprise plus specific add-on tools that help you set up a Point of Service (POS) solution.


Make it easy on your IT staff with customized images.
Build your tailored operating system images centrally and deploy them locally, for amazing flexibility and control.

Get greater system reliability and security
Linux runs critical functions in a way that prevents "buggy" programs from causing your computer to crash.

Lower your total cost of ownership
Slash your TCO with things like affordable maintenance subscriptions, centralized administration, and small operating–system footprint images.

Don't lock in to a proprietary vendor

With SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service, you can access the underlying source code, so you can tune your POS system to your own needs.

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