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SUSE® Linux Enterprise Live Patching

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Do you want to keep up with compliance and security and increase your service availability while saving the cost of downtime? SUSE Linux Enterprise Live Patching allows you to apply SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 kernel fixes on the fly―without interruption. The subscription offering provides access to an update repository containing Linux kernel fixes for any SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 maintenance Linux kernel released within the last 12 months.

6a Security and compliance

When a security loophole in the Linux kernel is identified, patching systems is the only way to minimize your exposure to a potential malicious attack. The question is “Can you apply patches quickly enough?” What if there is no planned window for downtime in the near future? What if you are not allowed to interrupt service? SUSE Linux Enterprise Live Patching is the answer. It allows you to apply Linux kernel patches without any downtime.

6b Zero execution interruption

Stopping the Linux kernel is problematic for low-latency applications such as simulations and real-time applications. Simulations don’t allow interruptions for even a millisecond, or they must be restarted. Real-time mission-critical enterprise systems need to execute tasks every millisecond or, for example, an important bid could be missed. SUSE Linux Enterprise Live Patching doesn't stop the system during patching, ensuring that your mission-critical workloads run without downtime.

6c Fully integrated deployment

Like all SUSE Linux Enterprise Server maintenance updates, the patches in SUSE Linux Enterprise Live Patching are delivered as signed RPMs through a dedicated update channel. Introducing Live Patching into your established administrative process is simple because you can easily reuse your existing deployment methods including, but not limited to, YaST®, Zypper, SMT and SUSE Manager.

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