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SUSE® Enterprise Storage

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SUSE Enterprise Storage is a highly scalable and resilient software-based storage solution, powered by Ceph. It enables organizations to build cost-efficient and highly scalable storage using commodity, off-the-shelf servers and disk drives. SUSE defines software-based storage as the process of separating the physical storage hardware (data plane) from the data storage management logic or “intelligence” (control plane). The storage solution requires no proprietary hardware components, enabling the use of off-the-shelf hardware. SUSE Enterprise Storage provides the data storage management logic. Independent hardware vendor (IHV) partners provide the off-the-shelf storage hardware. Together, SUSE and its IHV partners deliver industry-leading, cost-efficient, scalable storage solutions.

17a Reduce your capital expenditures (CAPEX)

SUSE Enterprise Storage solutions provide significant CAPEX savings compared with traditional enterprise storage arrays and appliances, because you can use commodity off-the-shelf servers and disk drives.

17b Reduce your operational expenditures (OPEX)

Traditional storage solutions are expensive to scale in capacity or performance, driving OPEX costs higher. With SUSE Enterprise Storage you have unlimited scalability, and it even manages itself—very OPEX friendly.

17c Adapt quickly as your business needs evolve

SUSE Enterprise Storage equips you to be highly responsive to emerging needs. Its block device interface enables you to rapidly boot new virtual machines with fault-tolerant, highly available, enterprise disk storage.

17d Keep up with explosive growth with software-defined storage
SUSE Enterprise Storage, powered by Ceph, provides software-defined storage that lets you keep up with the explosive growth of digital data without crippling your budget.

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