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Network Configuration Manager

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10 Multi-vendor Network Change and Configuration Management

Manage configurations for routers, switches, and other devices from Cisco®, Juniper®, HP®, and more.

11 Configuration Backup

Recover quickly from hardware faults and human-caused configuration errors.

12 Real-time Configuration Change Notification

Immediately know when any configuration change occurs, and what was changed.

13 Configuration Compliance Auditing

Help ensure that devices are configured and operating in compliance with regulatory standards.

14 Network Change Automation

Make standardized configuration changes in minutes across dissimilar devices.

15 Network Device Life-cycle Management

Automatic network discovery and Cisco SMARTnetTM integration for security, warranty, and EoL alerts.

16 Integrates with NPM and other IT Management Solutions

Modular architecture allows you to easily extend your management tools as your needs evolve.

17 Reliable and Easy to Use

More than 50,000 customers believe SolarWinds products are easy to install, use, and own.

18 Affordable

Award-winning network management at a fraction of many competitors’ prices.