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Log & Event Manager

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The collection, correlation and real-time log analysis:
  • Collects logs and events with tens of thousands of devices and performs the correlation in real time
  • Quick analysis of events (after its occurrence) using custom search / unusual / abnormal alarm
  • Advanced Search uses highly efficient tools for data visualization - trees, histograms, graphs, and many others
  • Generate compliance reports with more than 300 built-in templates that meet the requirements of PCI DSS, GLBA, SOX, NERC CIP, HIPAA
  • The correlation principle, reports and answers for quick installation in less than an hour
Node based licensing

Licensing based on number of nodes, such as servers and network devices, with special pricing for endpoints.

Real-time remediation

Mitigate issues in real-time with Active Responses that will Block IPs, change privileges, disable accounts, block USB devices and kill applications.

Real-time event correlation

In memory, cross platform event processing for instant notification and remediation without waiting on data queries.

File integrity monitoring

Monitor and alert on registry, file and folder activity to detect suspicious and malicious behavior. 

Search log data

Simple keyword search or powerful custom queries using drag-and-drop interface. Save, share, and schedule searches for efficient forensics.

High data compression
Average data compression of 95%. Simply provision more storage to the virtual appliance to expand data retention as needed.