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DameWare Mini Remote Control

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DameWare Mini Remote Control (DMRC) is a tool used to establish remote connections to other computers. The program comes with many useful functions, effectively it supports the work of administrators and IT professionals as well as ordinary users on the network. Unlike competitive solutions DMRC does not install low-level drivers or overwrite existing system files. This eliminates the need to reboot the remote computer during a call. DMRC allows remote control of any computer in the network, regardless of its location. Thanks to numerous security features and encryption can encrypt communications between computers, which ensures complete safety of data transmission.

3 reasons to use DameWare Mini Remote Control:
Easy tool for remote control of Windows, Linux & Mac OS X
Use software DameWare Mini Remote Control to remotely connect to Windows®, Linux ® and Mac OS X desktops, laptops and servers.
  • Use the module Mini Remote Control Viewer for remote access for computers running Windows.
  • Initiate RDP sessions directly from the console DameWare to connect to computers running Windows
  • Use connection VNC for remote access to Mac and Linux
  • Possibility to connect to multiple remote computers at the same time and easily switch between sessions
  • Access to remote computers that are turned off, asleep, hibernating, or even damaged
Remote connection and desktop sharing
From one central console, remote access software DameWare Mini Remote Control offers a number of built-in tools and capabilities to simplify IT support for remote sessions.
  • The possibility of initiating a chat with end users in the session.
  • Screenshots of end-user computers and the ability to save them on your local drive
  • Share and transfer files from remote computers during remote sessions
  • Keypad lock end users and mouse console DameWare
  • Print current view of the remote computer console DameWare on your desktop
  • Simple licensing and quick implementation
DameWare Mini Remote Control is licensed only by the number of administrator or IT support technicians. There is no limit to the number of supported computers of end users.