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Complete Enterprise Application Performance Management

Enterprise applications are the means to achieve business goals, so less than perfect performance and less than 100% availability impacts the bottom line of your business. Lucierna offers a complete Enterprise Application Performance Management (APM) solution, required to ensure peak application performance to meet business objectives. Lucierna tracks every transaction from the end user across all tiers—including end user, network, web server, and back end tiers—to provide full visibility. It provides detailed information about each transaction, including business context, performance, availability, and SLA compliance.

Built for DevOps

Lucierna enables collaboration between development and operations teams. It aligns development with operations, supports agile methodologies, and ensures operational readiness before moving to production. For instance, Lucierna provides a unified view of transaction traces along with code hotspots with deep insight in methods and calls. A unified view means you can instantly go from identifying the problematic transaction to determining root cause.

Have 10 Minutes? That’s All You Need

Lucierna is a very lightweight product that was built for easy installation in less than 10 minutes. Optimizing application performance is all about speed – so it’s vital that an APM solution be fast to deploy and fast to show value. Lucierna’s advanced, user-friendly features make it quick and easy to isolate the problem and determine the root cause in just a few clicks.

Complete APM with Just One Product

Integrated support of end-user experience with deep transaction monitoring and service dependency mapping provides a complete APM offering. As opposed to other vendors that require you to deploy as many as 10 or more different products in order to provide an APM solution, Lucierna offers a complete solution in a single product.

APM Decision Analytics

Today’s APM solutions generate huge amounts of data that can be sliced and diced based on transaction, tier, end user, etc. by minute, hour or day. The result is that IT staff are presented with huge amounts of performance data they need to sift through in order to find the needle in the haystack. In contrast, Lucierna’s APM Decision Analytics enables you to make key decisions about infrastructure, operations, and development to optimize application performance.

100% Monitoring of All Transactions, 24/7

Other products use sampling, correlation or other techniques in order to reduce their overhead impact but as a result they lose full visibility into application performance. Only Lucierna provides the complete picture and as a result enables you to proactively eliminate outages before they occur.