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New map sharing methods to share your project with anyone, even if they do not have MindManager software! Export your best plans, ideas, notes to over 700 web applications. Create dynamic mind maps, diagrams, process designs, concept maps, and now also interactive time lines.
What's new in MindManager:

- share maps - take your map with everyone, thanks to simple HTML5 export, which you can view in each web browser
- power of integration - get even more with the apps you already use; create and manage projects in MindManager from Asana, share them through Google Docs, receive notifications when your team joins new documents for Google Drive, Box, or OneDrive
- more dynamics of the system - in addition to new interactive mind maps, graphs, diagrams, concept maps, there are also new diagrams - clearly marked time line of the project, key phases and deadlines
- better project management - timeliness, emphasis on key elements, filters focusing on key activities, highlighting completed, threatened and priority tasks
- improve visual effects - up to 700 new graphics to better express your idea
- more convenience - fast save, download and share
- better performance - simplify schema creation and increase planning efficiency with simplified diagram tools