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Mindjet has been the market leader in advanced business mapping tools for years, providing a graphical presentation of the multidimensional design structure that can be effectively planned and implemented. Mindjet has been delivering that solutions since 1993 to more than 2.5 million customers around the world, allowing you to create a complete work environment with the ability to plan activities, manage time and project and reduce the risk of planned failure.,
Mindjet applications can be used on Microsoft® Windows® and Mac® as desktop applications, as well as on web, mobile, iPad®, iPhone®, Android®, and SharePoint®.
MindManager is a powerful tool that makes everyday office work much more easier. MindManager is successfully used in brainstorming, meetings, project management, concept planning and presentation of all sorts of structured information. It can be used as a multi-user tool for shared work, task and project management.
The MindJet virtual mindpad in MindManager software allows the team to capture their best ideas together, no matter where employees are located. Mind maps will help them in visual thinking so they can make connections between ideas.
By using MindManager you can turn-on thinking in concrete plans with a convenient drag and drop interface. Positioning the best ideas narrows the search area and filters the data exactly as you need it.
Plan your projects to achieve your goal more quickly. Identify resources and add tasks and priorities to easier accomplish them. Integrated Gantt charts let you quickly identify conflicts and dependencies.
Licensing models:
  • Perpetual desktop version - possibility to use the product on Windows and Mac platforms (one license)
  • Subscription (1 or 3 years) - web access, the ability to use the product only during the subscription period. 30 days prior to the expiration of the subscription, the Customer must inform the producer (through the partner / reseller from whom he purchased the product) that renewal / cancellation wishes to renew / cancel the subscription for the following year.
WARNING! Not canceling your subscription will result in automatic renewal for another year.