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PyCharm Edu

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Learn programming quickly & efficiently.

Quickly go from novice to pro thanks to this powerful integrated development environment for Python and its interactive educational functionality.



Unlike other solutions, PyCharm combines the easy learning curve of interactive coding platforms with the power of a real-world professional tool.


Specially designed for programmers with little or no previous coding experience who want to learn programming with Python easily and effectively.

Use a Free & Open Source solution

PyCharm Educational Edition is completely Free and Open Source. Novice programmers can download and use it for educational or any other purposes for free. Instructors and course authors can use it to create, modify and share their own courses.

No previous programming experience necessary

Many code editors, IDEs and other tools are too complex if you're just learning how to program. They often make you invest a serious amount of effort and time into understanding how the tool works. PyCharm Educational Edition is easy to get started with, not intimidating, yet powerful enough to guide you all the way through to becoming a professional developer.