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49   Manage users, groups and permissions across Upsource and YouTrack installations, and use a centralized dashboard for a quick overview of relevant commits, issues, or tests.

Single sign-on

Hub makes sure that across all JetBrains team tools used in your team, a user can log in once and stay authenticated throughout. A variety of authentication ways are supported including LDAP, Google, GitHub and built-in authentication.

User and permissions management

Hub manages a single database of users, groups, roles, permissions and projects, and shares it among all connected YouTrack and Upsource installations, effectively serving as an authentication and authorization server.

Project wizard

Hub adds a project wizard that enables you to create a new project and apply it to your Upsource and YouTrack installations by creating the corresponding projects in both.


Hub provides a Dashboard to track issues, commits, build status and code reviews in your project(s). The Dashboard pulls data from YouTrack, Upsource and TeamCity.