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InfiniSync provides a Recovery Point Objective (RPO) of zero, meaning every last transaction, operation, or calculation that is committed to the source storage, is accurately reproduced on the target storage to ensure absolute business continuity. All this is done with application consistency, minimizing the Recovery Time Objective (RTO).


Eliminating complexity is simple when using InfiniSync with the InfiniBox for replication. With a simple user interface, creating consistent application replication only takes a few clicks. No power, no problem. InfiniSync has an onboard battery rated for 36 hours of operation.

Built to Withstand Any Possible Disaster

Tested under the most extreme conditions, the InfiniSync can withstand fire, crushing forces, submersion in water, and piercing forces while continuing to do its job. It is the ultimate black box recorder for your data protection.



Supporting high-speed Fibre Channel, Ethernet, and InfiniBand, the InfiniSync provides lightning fast wired and optical network connectivity. If wired networks are out of service, high-speed Wi-Fi and 4G LTE networking will ensure your data gets where it needs to go.