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High Reliability

InfiniGuard is designed using the unmatched reliability of the InfiniBox® with an innovative self-healing architecture and redundant hardware components. Self-encrypting media ensures complete data security. Flexible options for onsite and offsite replication ensure maximum efficiency and data availability for business continuation.


Predictable performance, based on next-generation cache management and intelligent media management, dramatically reduces backup times to meet demanding backup windows as well as challenging service level agreements. More important is the application of the InfiniBox’s Neural Cache AI for boosting restore performance, maintaining business continuity for the most demanding applications.

Capacity & Scalability

A single InfiniGuard supports up to 2PB of usable capacity and up to 40PB or more of effective capacity in a single standard 42U rack. Configurations start as low as 500TB with instant capacity on demand available in increments of 50TB.

Simple Management & Integration

InfiniGuard includes an easy and intuitive HTML5 GUI that makes typically complex backup, replication, and recovery operations simpler. The result is an enterprise data protection system that’s highly efficient and simple to manage. It supports most major backup applications already deployed in the data center.


Total Cost of Ownership

Available at a fraction of the price of legacy solutions in the market today, InfiniGuard presents considerable savings in acquisition costs as well as operational costs. This solution has the lowest TCO for a solution at this usable/effective capacity. Add in the minimal power consumption and opportunity for system consolidation to the cost equation, and InfiniGuard has the makings of a new market leader in price and performance.