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SANsymphony SDS

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DataCore SANsymphony is an enterprise-class platform that provides a high-performance, highly available, and agile storage infrastructure with the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Affordable Enterprise-Grade Performance!


Faster Applications

Immediate boost in performance


Higher Availability

Reduced storage-related downtime


Lower TCO

Decrease in storage costs

Impossibly Fast Access to Your Ever-Scaling Data

Run your applications up to 3x faster by leveraging DataCore’s Parallel I/O technology (*Based on industry benchmarks)
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  • Fastest response time in the industry
  • Best in class price-performance
  • Easily scale in or out with fewer systems
  • Leverage standard hardware for lower cost systems
Never Worry About Downtime

Rest easy knowing your data is always available, even across a stretch cluster, as failures are handled automatically with zero downtime.
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  • Multi-layered protection for Continuity, Availability and Recovery
  • Zero Touch, Zero Downtime synchronous mirroring
  • Efficient asynchronous replication for disaster recovery
  • CDP tracks all recent changes protecting from viruses and malware
Eliminate Unnecessary Storage Costs

Improve resource utilization, agility and flexibility while reducing administrative time, leading to lower CAPEX and OPEX
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  • Hardware-independent storage services
  • Buy once, use forever even if hardware changes
  • Freely choose between standardized hardware
  • Integrate new technology seamlessly
  • Single pane management across all storage devices

Stress-Free Scaling In or Out

SANsymphony pools the collective resources of storage devices, both local and shared, and manages them centrally with a common set of enterprise-wide services, despite incompatibilities among manufacturers and models.

Basic functional features of SANsymphony SDS:


Typical scenarios of SANsymphony SDS implementations:


Storage Virtualization

Abstracts traditional SAN architecture. Extends the life and value of existing SAN devices.



Pools direct-attached storage devices. Creates highly dense and very economical shared storage.



Abstracts both SAN and local devices. Provides the greatest flexibility and most value.