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Insight Services

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Add Intelligence to Your Storage

DataCore Insight Services is a cloud-based, predictive analytics platform that delivers proactive optimization and actionable insights through easy-to-use, single-pane-of-glass management to significantly reduce downtime, simplify operations, and free up storage admins to spend less time on maintenance and more on what matters most to the business.


Save Budget, Time, and Operational Headaches


Cost Savings

  • Reduce downtime through predictive analytics
  • Reduce support calls by executing actionable insights
  • Model workload or VM additions in advance for zero impact, optimized deployments

Time Savings

  • Real-time prioritized task list for storage administrators
  • Real-time health & performance scores with actionable insights
  • Proactive optimizations with prescriptive remediation steps

Simplified Operations

  • View and manage entire storage infrastructure across multiple sites in a single console
  • Manage data anywhere in your infrastructure
  • Single pane of glass is vendor- and technology-independent

Key Features:

Actionable insights provide a clickable drill-down:

  • Configuration details
  • Prescriptive resolution steps
  • Ongoing health and performance assessment
  • Single, integrated console to receive insights and make configuration changes


Predictive analytics identifies potential issues before they occur:

  • Compare against known issues, best practices, and historical trends
  • Thousands of comparison environments with over 20 years’ data in our support database
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence determine severity level and remediation steps


Proactive optimizations help you avoid downtime and ensure optimal configuration:

  • Real-time, ongoing prioritized task list for storage administrators
  • Storage health and performance scores deliver at-a-glance status of your infrastructure
  • Historical and real-time performance metrics anticipate potential capacity and performance issues
  • Model workload or VM additions in advance for zero-impact deployments


Cloud- and on-premise-based web consoles give you an integrated view of your environment:

  • View and manage entire storage ecosystem across multiple data centers
  • Vendor- and technology-independent
  • Policy-based single pane of glass to monitor and take action