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DataCore Virtual SAN

baner 756

Enterprise-Class Hyperconverged with the Lowest TCO




nodes for
high availability




Real-Time Performance at Scale

Improve application speed and boost VM density with DataCore’s innovative performance technologies, including Parallel I/O.

datacore 2
  • Proven, industry-leading price-performance
  • Easily scale up or out to meet workload requirements
  • Fastest response time, proven by benchmarks
Free Your Company from Vendor Lock-in

Most hyperconverged products place restrictions on the hardware or hypervisors that your business can choose. DataCore gives you the freedom to deploy and grow your hyperconverged deployment the way you want.
datacore 6
  • Scale storage capacity independent of nodes
  • Freely choose between standardized hardware
  • Choose the best hypervisor for your application without restrictions
Maximize Your Return on IT Investments

Dramatically lower both capital and operational costs with DataCore’s revolutionary architecture and integrated management, which efficiently leverages the full power of your hardware.
datacore 4 
  • Lower node count by increasing VM density
  • Implement an always-on infrastructure with just 2 nodes
  • Leverage existing hardware where appropriate