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Cofense Vision

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No matter how much is invested in next-gen technologies, bad emails still make it past perimeter defenses. Some users will report a phish, some will fall victim, and some don’t even know it’s there. The key to quickly stopping an attack is knowing exactly where it’s lurking in your email server.

Store and Pinpoint Emails across Every Inbox. Cofense Vision amplifies the Phishing Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) capabilities of Cofense Triage. Cofense Vision allows IR teams to store, hunt and quarantine emails. Copies of emails are sent to Cofense Vision where they are indexed and enriched. When a threat is identified with Cofense Triage, IR teams can query and find every user who received the malicious email with Cofense Vision. Confirmed attacks are easily quarantined in Microsoft Exchange or Office 365 for a faster, more precise response to threats.


Find the Entire Cluster

Cofense Triage organizes reported emails into clusters, so you can see commonalities and identify phishing campaigns. But what about emails that go unreported? Cofense Vision Discover precisely determines all the messages in the campaign across your ENTIRE organization. It searches all messages meeting the criteria, letting you find emails quickly, quarantine, and mitigate.

Dig Deeper

Good news: messages stored in Cofense Vision can be queried based upon Sender, Subject and Date. Better news: Cofense Vision lets you query further, using criteria beyond what’s available today. Search for the Attachment Name, Attachment Hash, and more. As threat actors alter their techniques, you can hunt for similar items and quickly find attacks or messages with similar patterns, then quarantine.

End the Threat

Once you discover all malicious emails, a simple click will quarantine them—from all user inboxes—in Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 . By coupling human intuition with leading-edge technology, Cofense delivers an intelligence-fed Phishing Security Orchestration, Automation and Response platform designed to find and eliminate active phishing threats utilizing fewer resources.