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Cofense Reporter

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Though Confense PhishMe conditions employees to resist phishing attempts, “not clicking” isn’t enough. During a phishing attack, early detection matters. Visibility is critical for security operations and incident response teams to minimize the time an attacker is on your network. Confense Reporter™ provides organizations with a simple, cost-effective way to generate user reports of suspicious emails that may indicate early stages of a cyber attack.

Why choose Confense Reporter™?

Confense has been proven to reduce the threat of employees falling victim to advanced cyber attacks by up to 95% – preparing your last line of defense to recognize and resist tricky phishing attempts.

Key Benefits

  • Standardize and organize your user reporting process
  • Detect and respond to email-based threats faster with user-generated reporting
  • Analyze URL and malware attachments using third-party integrations
  • Minimize impact of breaches with proactive response and improved visibility
  • Customizable user feedback encourages employees to be a part of the security process

What is Confense Reporter™?

When technical defenses such as proxy filtering, URL rewriting, and DLP fail, users are the last line of defense. Armed with the proper training, users can provide timely and valuable threat intelligence simply by recognizing and reporting suspicious emails. Organizations have struggled to tap into this resource and, consequently, malicious activities often operate for weeks and even months on the network.

Confense Reporter streamlines the reporting process by installing an email add-in on users’ email toolbars that, when clicked, sends a suspicious email to your security team containing the relevant information needed to analyze and respond. Reporter automatically discerns emails reported from Cofense PhishMe scenarios and emails reported from unknown sources, ensuring that only reports of potentially malicious emails are delivered to appropriate security staff or Cofense Triage for analysis.

Enhanced Reporting

Whether or not you have a reporting process in place, Reporter can help you improve by:

  • Preserving the full header of reported e-mails, allowing responders to block and remove similar emails.
  • Ensuring any attachments and URLs are included.
  • Supplementing Confense PhishMe campaigns, tracking user responses and organizational time to response.


Cofense PhishMe Emails

Reporter collects reports of emails sent from Cofense, noting which users reported them and providing the user with customizable acknowledgement of the successful report. Positive reinforcement in the feedback loop further enhances employees’ capabilities to accurately identify cyber attacks. This information is tracked and integrated into the Cofense solution’s comprehensive reporting metrics.

Suspicious Unknown Emails

Reports of suspicious unknown emails are forwarded to a designated location or Triage, where they can be analyzed by an organization’s internal security team. Suspicious emails are attached with the original header and contextual information for rapid analysis. Incident response and security operations teams can prioritize their analysis based on a user’s reputation for accurately identifying phishing attempts among other attributes when using Triage.