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Avira Antivirus for Endpoint

avira baner 765 endpoint

Are you looking for an intelligent and resource-light security solution? Avira Antivirus for Endpoint is an award-winning solution that’s easy to install, has zero maintenance costs and delivers comprehensive, round-the-clock protection. Avira Antivirus for Endpoint is based on cutting-edge detection technologies: it protects your PCs and file servers (endpoints) running under Windows against zero-day attacks, advanced persistent threats and malware, such as viruses, banking Trojans, and spyware, among many others. At a highly competitive price, your network is fully secure, and with our bundled offer, you reap significant savings.


  • Real-time threat prevention: Signature- based detection, heuristic analysis, and cloud-based scanning offer you complete protection against malware.
  • On-access and on-demand protection: Our real-time cloud technology secures your running processes, files on access, and system memory against spyware, rootkits, and other hidden malware.
  • Network protection: Avira prevents malware from being stored or spread via your internal network or a shared cloud-based storage solution. It also scans the network traffic across all 65,000+ ports on your endpoints.
  • Advanced web protection: Phishing scams, infected websites, drive-by downloads… Avira ensures employees never land on harmful websites.
  • Anti-Botnet Technology: Prevents your endpoints from being hijacked by a botnet network by blocking the communication between your device and the command and control center.
  • Intelligent repair system: Best-in-class technology that repairs damage and repeals changes caused by malware to your files and registries.
  • Self-Defense: Prevents malware from altering or even disabling your antivirus protection.
  • Resource-light: Even with powerful antivirus technology running, your servers maintain their peak performance under heavy loads.
  • Mobile Device Management: Smartphones equipped with an Avira mobile app can be tracked from the dashboard and antitheft safeguards can be triggered remotely.


  • Avira Antivirus Pro – Business Edition Protects against viruses and malware on all your desktop PCs, laptops, and netbooks.
  • Avira Antivirus Server Protects your business files and customer data from malicious attacks without hogging your system’s resources.
  • Avira Launcher & Avira Online Essentials Easy rollout (1-Click-Installer). Manages the security across all devices.
  • Free Updates and Upgrades Valid throughout the entire duration of your license.


With Avira Online Essentials all Avira-secured devices can effortlessly be managed from an intuitive online dashboard.

  • Fast installation on multiple devices
  • Clear license management
  • New user interface with grouping functionality and list view
  • Easy upgrades
  • Mobile Device Management incl. Anti-Theft, Phone Finder and Identity Safeguard
  • System Information: hard drive partitions and available disk space of devices
  • Secure two factor authentications
  • Remote control tool
  • Queuing deployment for offline devices
  • Reporting