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Low False Positive

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Traditional web application security testing (black-box testing) will not see how code behaves during execution, and source code analysis will not always understand what happens when code is in execution. A combination of black-box and white-box testing enhances a scan’s detection rate, whilst enabling easier remediation and guaranteeing effective web application security.


Interactive Security Testing with AcuSensor

Acunetix’s unique AcuSensor Technology for .NET, PHP and JAVA enhances a regular dynamic scan through the deployment of sensors inside the source code. AcuSensor then relays the feedback to the scanner during the source code’s execution.

  • Server-side component that enables the scanner to run a gray-box (IAST) scan.
  • Inspects the source code of a web application whilst it is in execution.
  • Crawls the application also on the back-end providing 100% crawl coverage.
  • Find and test hidden inputs not discoverable during a black-box scan.
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Line of Code Visibility

AcuSensor indicates the vulnerable line of code for several high-severity vulnerabilities and reports additional debug information, This greatly increases remediation efficiency and makes the developer’s task of fixing the vulnerabilities easier.

  • Indicates vulnerable line of code.
  • Shows SQL queries for SQL Injection vulnerabilities.
  • Enables quicker remediation.
  • Pinpoints what needs to be fixed and where.
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Lowest False Positive Rates

Detection of inexistent vulnerabilities are a nightmare to deal with. False positives reduce confidence in automated security testing and waste the developers’ time trying to find and fix vulnerabilities.

  • Acunetix drives the industry’s lowest false positive and false negative rates even lower.
  • Automatically verifies several high-severity vulnerabilities.
  • Accurate scan results reduce the need to manually confirm detected vulnerabilities.
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