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InstallShield 2020 is available now!

InstallShield2020 artykul ENG
Flexera, an industry-recognized leader of software installation, open source software scanning, and software monetization solutions, announced the release of InstallShield 2020. The new release of the market-leading Windows Installer software fully supports Microsoft’s packaging format, MSIX, and specifically adds functionality that makes the creation, conversion and modification of MSIX packages extremely easy for software suppliers, helping them take their products to market quickly and efficiently.

“Software companies are under pressure to do more with less and to accelerate time to market. It is our goal to make that as easy as possible for them while delivering an excellent installation experience for their customers,” said Venkat Ram Donga, InstallShield Product Manager at Flexera. “With InstallShield 2020, we are adding even more MSIX support and ease of use, enabling independent software vendors (ISVs) and enterprises to build installers quickly, easily and without failure.”   Donga

InstallShield helps developers build and convert MSIX packages in a matter of seconds. The new 2020 release adds even more ease of use. For example, developers can now build modification packages for any given MSIX package or leverage the support for MSIX Core to create a single suite installer targeting MSIX for different Windows platforms. In addition, InstallShield 2020 adds the ability to build pure 64bit launchers for MSI and Suite installers and supports CloudHSM certificates for digital signing in AWS build environments.

Feature Highlights in InstallShield 2020:

  • MSIX Modification Packages
    Build MSIX modification packages from InstallShield for any given MSIX package.

  • Pure 64-bit Launchers
    Build pure 64-bit launchers for Basic MSI and Suite installers.

  • Support for AWS CloudHSM-based Digital Signing
    Digitally sign your installers for build environments set up in AWS using CloudHSM certificates.

  • Support for MSIX Core
    Create a single suite installer targeting MSIX for both Windows 10 and Windows 7.

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