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Holiday Price Cut for MindManager

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Holiday Price Cut

for MindManager!

Till the end of July, we're cutting down MindManager software prices:


MindManager 2019 for Windows

349 EUR net

335 EUR net

MindManager 12 for Mac

199 EUR net

189 EUR net

Details of the promotion:

  • The promotion consists in lowering the SRP price for MindManager 2019 for Windows - Single and MindManager 12 for Mac - Single.
  • The price for the end customer: MindManager 2019 for Windows - Single is EUR 335 net (SRP price) and 12 MindManager for Mac - Single is EUR 189 net (SRP price).
  • Price for Resellers: final customer price after discount, minus Reseller discount.
  • The duration of the promotion: from 8 to 31 July 2019 inclusive.
  • The offer applies only to End Users located in the following countries - Poland, Belarus, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine, Hungary, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Croatia.
  • Promotion is not valid in conjunction with other promotions.

The offer applies to:

  • MindManager 2019 for Windows and MindManager 12 for Mac licenses.
  • New perpetual, commercial Single licenses.


About Mindjet:

Mindjet has been the market leader in advanced business mapping tools for years, providing a graphical presentation of the multidimensional design structure that can be effectively planned and implemented. Mindjet has been delivering that solutions since 1993 to more than 2.5 million customers around the world, allowing you to create a complete work environment with the ability to plan activities, manage time and project and reduce the risk of planned failure. Mindjet applications can be used on Microsoft Windows and Mac as desktop applications, as well as on web, mobile, iPad, iPhone, Android, and SharePoint.

More information about Mindjet you will find here.

Download the free DEMO available here.

If you have a question, contact us.