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World class cybersecurity for SMBs - new vendor in offer of CONNECT DISTRIBUTION

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CONNECT DISTRIBUTION Sp. z o.o. is pleased to announce the signing of a new distribution agreement with Veronym - the producer of a solution that provides the highest quality cloud cyber security. The CONNECT DISTRIBUTION company gained the status of a Veronym distributor for Poland and Eastern European countries.

Veronym is a dedicated and diverse international team. They believe theirs innovative approach to digital business security will change the world for the better. Veronym innovation goes far beyond nowadays available best security solutions.

"Veronym is a unique solution that perfectly fills a gap in the offer of security solutions for the SMB sector" - said Sławomir Karpiński, CEO of CONNECT DISTRIBUTION "This solution is for small and medium-sized companies that have large security needs, but due to the limited budget they are not able to afford the purchase, implementation and maintenance of full security infrastructure in the traditional on-premise model. "   slawomir karpinski connect distribution square lq
"Our mission is to make the world safer, and the goal is to democratize cybersecurity technology." - said Wojciech Gołębiowski, CEO of Veronym. „That is why we release all Veronyms’s users from the obligations related to cyber security, the need to incur investment costs or maintain technologies. Our experts take on the task of searching for the best security systems, testing them, service and all processes related to their use. We are happy that we are starting cooperation with such an experienced distributor as CONNECT DISTRIBUTION. "   wojciech golebiowski

Veronym is here to protect your digital life through instant and powerful security for any Internet connection. It allow to safely conduct your business from any place, on any of your devices, with no specialized IT security knowledge or need for hardware maintenance. Veronym solution is available in the form of a monthly or annual subscription, giving full freedom to use the software. Veronym is giving you full visibility of and control over your Internet traffic for all devices, users and applications. In-depth information about your security is always accessible through our intuitive dashboard, which provides you with detailed reports and recommendations.

Veronym is a cloud-based solution. Their unique operating model as CSSP (cloud security service provider) frees the user from the obligation to implement the infrastructure solution, to have the right equipment and to maintain or extend it.

About Veronym
Veronym make cutting-edge cyber protection easy, intuitive and available to everyone. They are the architects and visionaries who are working hard to bring you the solutions of cloud-based security. Their dedication, skills and passion brought them together to create and develop Veronym — a security solution as agile, intelligent and customer-focused as they are.

More information about Veronym you will find here.

Download the free DEMO available here.

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