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SUSE develops cooperation with Amazon Web Services

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SUSE is a pioneer in the open source software market. Their offer includes reliable solutions for Linux-based infrastructures and cloud environments. They provide great opportunities for cooperation, better control and freedom of action to enterprises.

SUSE expands collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), which can now resell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications directly on the AWS Marketplace. Users of AWS cloud and SAP systems, running on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications - the leading platform for SAP HANA and SAP S / 4HANA - will receive integrated support from AWS and SUSE. Besides, AWS customers can purchase SUSE Linux Enterprise systems on demand, paying only for what they use at a particular time. The aim of the cooperation between SUSE and AWS is to satisfy the growing demand of customers for flexibility of used IT environments and providing financial benefits from the transfer of critical business applications to the cloud.

“It is very important for us that we can expand cooperation with SUSE and start offering SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP applications on the AWS Marketplace. Our customers will receive standard Amazon Business support and a point of single contact for service requests. Besides, our cooperation aims to make it easier for customers to implement and scale SAP HANA software supported by SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Application, all at an affordable price.” – said Bas Kamphuis, Chief Executive of Amazon Web Services, Inc.
The vast majority of SAP HANA users use SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Application to develop, test and run production tasks, and many large enterprises do so for SAP applications in the AWS cloud. Customers interested in SAP implementation of SAP applications in the AWS cloud also have at their disposal clusters SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension, which ensures the continuity of SAP HANA operation and, in case of a breakdown switching between Availability Zones.

Customers interested in the AWS and SUSE offer can easily and quickly start working with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Application systems to support SAP HANA using AWS SAP HANA Quick Start software. It helps to start and configure the infrastructure necessary to implement SAP HANA, often in less than an hour, using the best practices of AWS, SAP and SUSE.

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