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Distinction for PhishMe for the quality of products and customer service!

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PhishMe - a leading provider of phishing defense solutions – is recognized and nominated to the S.C. Media 2018 Professional Award for the best solution in the field of IT security, and to the Stevie Awards for sales and customer service.

The first nomination for the SC Media 2018 Professional Award, PhishMe gets for the product PhishMe Simulator, which is a special SaaS platform, improving employee response to attacks and providing information on threats in real time by simulating real spearphishing attacks. PhishMe gets nomination in the category of the Best IT Security-related Training Program. The award is granted for the highest standard in the industry for professionals, products and services related to cybersecurity. The winners of the competition are selected by a group of extremely talented specialists from the cyber security industry and a group of actual users.

“In an age where threats are ever-evolving, it is reassuring to know that one true constant is the commitment of dedicated information security professionals, as best exemplified by our SC Media Awards finalists,” said Illena Armstrong, VP, editorial, SC Media. “These inspiring innovators have set a high bar for their industry peers, as they continue to protect the world from attacks and vulnerabilities that imperil our security, privacy, and digital infrastructure."

The second nomination for PhishMe in 2018 Stevie® Awards is the assessment of the highest quality of Sales and Customer Service. This year's competition evaluated over 2,500 companies of various sizes and from various industries. All the nominees were evaluated by over 150 specialists from around the world.

"We are thrilledthat our customer service team has been included in the finalist group in the 2018 Stevie Awards competition," said Jeffrey Rogers, Vice President of Client Success at PhishMe. "Since cybersecurity currently has the highest priority for organizations around the world, this is the best proof of our team's good work, all to provide our clients with the effective tools and resources necessary to defend against phishing attacks."

Winners of both competitions will be announced till April 2018. We keep our fingers crossed for our vendor PhishMe and his further successes!

You can find more information about PhishMe here.

Download the free DEMO available here.

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