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New Member of the Board in CONNECT DISTRIBUTION Sp. z o.o.

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CONNECT DISTRIBUTION Sp. z o.o. announced that Józef Dusza joined to the Board of our company. He will be responsible for the consolidation and development of the company's storage offerings and disaster recovery solutions.

Józef Dusza has extensive experience in the distribution market. In the years 2004-2011 he co-founded the S4E S.A. distribution company, where as the President of the Management Board he was responsible for introducing the company to the stock exchange of NewConnect.

Then, in the years 2011-2014, he established the Polish branch of the distributor ZYCKO Sp. o.o., which he headed until 2014, when he created another distribution company. New company IT Force Sp. o.o. has partnered with several innovative mvendors and has specialized in storage and security. 
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Currently, the company IT Force Sp. o.o. was acquired by CONNECT DISTRIBUTION Sp. o. o., and the Management Boards of both companies will now implement one strategy for the development of a consolidated distribution offer on the Polish and Eastern European markets under the CONNECT DISTRIBUTION brand.